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Infant Motor Development

Infant Motor Development

Infant Motor Development

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We are so excited to walk you through the extensive motor development that occurs during the first year of an infant's life, from gaining head control to becoming a consistent, independent walker. 

This course is designed for physiotherapists or other practitioners who work with infants and young children. Over six comprehensive video lectures you will become an expert in motor development from 0 to 12 months, learning about: typical milestones, the principles of motor development, infant reflexes, atypical development, infant assessment techniques, and how to appropriately promote motor development during the first year. 

Throughout this course we will use infant video, slides, voice recorded lectures and summary questions to support your learning, while also providing resources and "cheat sheets" to help you easily integrate this wealth of information into your practice. 

Experienced practitioners will appreciate this comprehensive and well-organized overview of milestones, reflexes, red flags, theory, and more, while new grads will benefit from the pairing of detailed information with (super cute) video content in this one-stop overview of the assessment and treatment of babies.

For more details on what is included in this course, please see the course outline below. 

We believe that all infants deserve access to fun, world-class physiotherapy, and are excited for you to join us in our mission... wherever you are in the world! We hope we can educate and empower you to support infants in achieving their developmental goals. 


Course Material included in this course
  • Infant Motor Milestones
  • Lecture 1: Infant Motor Milestones
  • PDF of Slides
  • Principles of Infant Motor Development
  • Lecture 2: Principles of Infant Motor Development
  • PDF of Slides
  • Infant Reflexes
  • Lecture 3: Infant Reflexes
  • PDF of Slides
  • Atypical Development
  • Lecture 4: Atypical Development
  • PDF of Slides
  • Infant Development Assessment
  • Lecture 5: Infant Development Assessment
  • PDF of Slides
  • Promoting Motor Development in Infants
  • Lecture 6: Promoting Motor Development in Infants
  • PDF of Slides
  • Additional Resources
  • Table: Infant Motor Milestones
  • Table: Infant Reflexes
  • Summary Exercise Answer Key
  • References
  • Feedback
  • We would love to hear your thoughts!