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The Kids Running Course

The Kids Running Course

The Kids Running Course

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Kids Physio Group and The Running Physio have teamed up to create the world’s first course directed specifically on how to work with kids on the skill of running. Together, both instructors from the pediatric and running worlds will teach you all about typical running development from infancy to teenagerhood, provide you with running and biomechanical assessment strategies, and explore the special considerations for performance running in pediatrics.

This course is designed for physiotherapists or other practitioners who work with young to teenaged children seeking assessment, consultation, or practical strategies directed at addressing developmental running concerns, treating running-related injuries, and improving running performance. Over seven comprehensive video lectures, you will become familiar with the Three Cornerstones Framework used to simplify your assessment of a patient with a running-related concern, learn how running is a motor milestone throughout a typical child’s development, become confident in conducting simple-to-complex pediatric gait analyses, and learn basic principles for consultation of performance running patients and their families. 

This course uses voice-recorded lectures, assessment and gait analysis videos, case studies, and lecture summaries. A “Patient Pathway Map” is used in both the introductory and final lectures to provide you with an overview of suggested management strategies depending on your patient’s goals.

Practitioners who enjoy running will appreciate the tools and techniques provided for working with running-specific problems, and pediatric physios will benefit from being able to connect how early motor milestones can affect running pattens and gait. Generalized physiotherapists can arm themselves with knowledge from both the pediatric and running realms to supercharge their assessment and treatment techniques when working with the young adult active population.

For more details on what is included in this course, please see the course outline or send us an email at

Course Material included in this course
  • Introduction
  • Lecture 1: The Three Cornerstones of Assessing Runners
  • PDF of Slides
  • Infancy - Toddlerhood
  • Lecture 2: Infancy - Toddlerhood, part 1
  • Lecture 3: Infancy - Toddlerhood, part 2
  • PDF of Slides
  • Pre-School - Early Elementary
  • Lecture 4: Pre-school - Early Elementary, part 1
  • Lecture 5: Pre-school - Early Elementary, part 2
  • PDF of Slides
  • Late Elementary
  • Lecture 6: Late Elementary
  • PDF of Slides
  • Performance Running in Pediatrics
  • Lecture 7: Sport Specialization & Lifestyle
  • Lecture 8: Biomechanics & Gait
  • PDF of Slides
  • Summary
  • Lecture 9: Clinical Reasoning
  • PDF of Slides
  • Additional Resources
  • Patient Pathway Process Map
  • Motor Skills Table
  • Complete List of References
  • Using the Course Forum
  • Feedback
  • Thank you for helping us improve!